Detox Desi Kahwa Green Tea Bags

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(60 Gram -30 Pyramid Tea Bags) Helps in Hydration, Anxiety Reduction from bloating acidity

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  • Superfood Detox Desi Kahwa Green Tea Best Health Drink 30 Tea Bags Immunity Booster for Adults Women Men Kadha Mix Rocksalt Asafoetida Nutmug Beneficial in Bloated Stomach Cleanse & Cold Relief hydration anxiety acidity Refreshing Mixed Herbs & Spices
  • Natural Detox: Aids in detoxifying the body naturally, helping to eliminate toxins and impurities. Herbal Blend: A unique blend of traditional Indian herbs and green tea for a holistic detox experience.
  • Weight Management: Supports weight management goals by boosting metabolism and aiding in digestion. Antioxidant Rich: Loaded with antioxidants that help combat free radicals and promote overall health.
  • Immune Support: The blend of spices and herbs may provide immune system support. Stress Relief: The warm and aromatic flavors can have a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Digestive Health: Ingredients like ginger and cardamom can soothe the digestive system and alleviate discomfort. Energy Boost: The presence of green tea can provide a gentle energy boost without the jitters of caffeine.


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